Diamond Fortune Cookie, Berlin 2014

cream always rises to the top sticker li
I am firmly on the side of the promiscuous one, the illegitimate one, the trickster, the jester, the magpie and crow. 

Within my work absurdity, ritual, humour and trickery are part of a transformative potential. I weave together subliminal and humorous comments on the human psyche, to examine how we are shaped and influenced by the society we live in, and to question the autonomy we have as individuals to live beyond that very framework. I am consumed by consumerism and it's tendency to be deliciously damaging. Sometimes the work is about desire and love and its inevitable decay. Sometimes it's about avo' on toast gentrification and hypocrisy. In most things that I do I endeavour to set the ridiculous and embarrassing against the monumental and sublime. And the potential for play, rest, trickery and fiction to be subversive.
To become, to shake loose, to whatever degree possible, from determinants and definitions in order to “to grow both young and old [in them] at once”


cream always rises to the top sticker li

"She saw the farm, the muddy pond, her father in his smock under the apple trees, she saw herself as she was then, skimming cream off pots of milking the dairy with her finger. But in the sudden dazzle of the present moment, her former life, up until now so clear, completely disappeared, and she began to doubt whether she lived it at all. But now she was here; and over everything outside of the ball there was darkness. She ate maraschino ice cream with a vermeil scallop dish in her left hand, eyes half- closed, the spoon between her teeth.” (Flaubert, 1856, p.45)

cream always rises to the top sticker li