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'I Want You Back.Dance (2018) 

highlights and unpacks the concept of the live body as a medium in visual art through a compelling 20 hour performance where the artist dances to the same song over and over again.' 

Three visitors are allowed in at a time and in order to gain admittance they must find two other people who have the same ticket as them,

an aubergine or a tongue

three people because it's awkward. Three strangers. Or maybe a couple and one stranger. Either way it's awkward. 

You step into a red room and a woman in a bacon/tongue, all in one Spanx outfit is lying on the floor with her arms outstretched flailing a bit. The song on repeat is I Want You Back by Haim. It's a strange song- a desperately euphoric song. Aiming for reconciliation;

'I know it's hard to hear it
And it may never be enough
But don't take it out on me now
'Cause I blame it all on myself '

Face to face with the woman in the bacon suit, and my fear of commitment seems to have been prodded by her sad/euphoric proposal. And yet I stay for another dance.

Jen Kirchoff

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