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Hackney & Blobs (2019) 

Oil on canvas 60 x 60 cm

It’s all too beautiful

Give me a London girl - unmounted new recruits.
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my bow of burning gold!
This is England
This is how we feel

Cream always rises to the top.
Was Jerusalem built here
Among those dark satanic mills?
This is England
We can chain you to the rail

Keep Calm and Carry On.
Britishness, hard choices, tough decisions,
coming together, forging onwards, Windrush
This is England
What we're supposed to die for

Over Bridges of Sighs
Under Dreaming Spires
Till we have built Jerusalem
In our green and pleasant land.
This is England
It’s all too beautiful
Kate Lewin

England This is Your England (2017)





Angus explores what she likes to call the economy of desire; how the psyche of the individual is influenced and shaped by the arrangement of wider society and how an individual’s desires feed, shape and tangle up with others to form the society we live in. In this sense, she explores the way in which advertising, marketing and branding utilise longing. She proposes investigations that take the form of games, partly fictionalised events and total environments that function more like living organisms than room installations. Within these environments, absurdity and ritual collaborate together to poke at issues concerning fortune, nationalism, oracles and gentrification.


The installation Keep Calm and Carry On Hackney! is her proposal for a new British Pavilion inspired by the 1937 British entry for the Paris Exposition. Here she depicts a contemporary British Landscape, using the changing demographic of an area of London named Hackney as a narrative. She interweaves government policies, idioms, nationalist fears, rising house prices, neo-liberal exorcisms and capitalist spells.

I installationen Keep Calm and Carry On Hackney! ser vi Ellen Angus förslag till en ny brittisk paviljong inspirerad av landets bidrag till Världsutställningen i Paris 1937. I verket skildrar hon ett modernt brittisk landskap med utgångspunkt i de demografiska förändringarna i Londonområdet Hackney, en berättelse som väver samman historisk imperialism med stigande huspriser, nyliberala besvärjelser och kapitalistiska trollformler.


Ellen Angus undersöker vad hon kallar en åtråns ekonomi; hur reklam och marknadsföring använder sig av människors längtan. I sin rumsinstallation iscensätter hon lekfulla undersökningar i form av spel och delvis fiktiva händelser, och aktiverar den genom absurd, rituell performance med udden mot frågor kring förmögenhet, nationalism, orakel och gentrifiering.

Fools Gold (2017) exhibition text

Bildmuseet, Umeå


 A Monument to Lost Fortune (2016) 

Concrete cube full of Fortune Cookies 100cm x 100cm

A Hackney Horse / A London Girl (2017)

Video 5m39

Hackney Oracle Carpet (2017)

Keep Calm and Carry On installation view (2017)

Fake Turners (2017)
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