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'I propose investigations that take the form of games, partly fictionalised events and total environments that I believe to be more organism than installation. I use absurdity and rituals within the environments that I create; a person, a pipe, a concrete cube all interrelate with each other, there is no hierarchy of objects- each has its role. There is a destructive element to to my process, in that I like to poke at things and see them unravel. I like to ask questions of the viewer from a position of curiosity, sometimes this takes the form of me becoming a metaphysical stain or an itch.'

Ellen Angus (UK, 1986)  lives and works between the UK and Sweden. She was a founding member of the collective Not So Popular (London.) She has previous experience working at the documentary television company Century Films (London) before taking up her studies in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, where she began to work collaboratively with Ellie Bradford and Shali Lui under the guise of LEAK.  Her work has been published in Lets Start a Pussy Riot (Rough Trade, London.) In 2015 she began her MFA at Umeå Academy of Fine Art. In 2017 she was awarded the Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet Prize as well as the Verklighten Prize –  a solo show at Galleri Verklighten (Umeå) in 2018. 


2015-2017 MFA Fine Art Umea Academy of Fine Art

2012-2013 MA (1 year) at Chelsea School of Art

2005-2009 BA Fashion & Textiles University of the West of England

2009 Morphologie & Anatomy at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts



2021 Cater 2 U, 4/4 Gallery, Nottingham
2020 From Parasite to Monstrous Blob, performance 4/4 Gallery, Nottingham

2019 A Break up, No a Brexit, Vaxjo Konsthalle, Sweden

2018 Darling You Will Always Win, March, exhibition at Galleri Verklighten, Umeå- Sweden

2017 Fools Gold, Bildmuseet Umeå- Sweden

2016 Mental Orgasm, Master show, Umeå- Sweden

2016 Room for Performance Umeå Bildmuseet–September- Sweden

2016 How to Become a.... book launch at Bildmuseet market –September-Sweden

2016 Single White Female –Konsthögskolans galleriet- Umeå -Sweden

2016 Private Dancer  Funen Art Academy- part of Civic Imaginary, Denmark

2015 Cosmic Winter at Umea Academy of Fine Art November- Sweden

2015 No Show at Nordanå Kulturområde, Skeleftea, November - Sweden

2015 LEAK- at Live Art Leeds (LAB) - April

2015 How To Become A Sea Creature Performance at Neu West, March -  Berlin

2015 Leaky  - Website piece - Transition gallery, February - London

2014 How To Become A Sea Creature, unisex toilets at s036, November- Berlin

2014 Leaky -  Website piece - Folkestone Triennal, August- Kent

2013 Whats Your Fantasy? [PERFORMANCE SPACE] London

2013 Foolish  (Leak) – A Final Show -  – Chelsea School of Art- London

2013 Ooochie Wally (Leak) - Audio piece - Brunel Museum- London

2013 Under the Stairs  (Leak) –- Chelsea School of Art- London

2013 SPLICE  - The Morgue at Chelsea School of Art, London

2013 Orgasm and Aliens – Drawing/ Painting – Electrowerks, London

2013 How To Get Somewhere Else Through Erotic Deranagement –Catch, London



Abisko Scientific Research Centre - ‘Meetings between art and science’ with The Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

The Civic Imaginary (art in the public space) 3 week course, developing projects in Estonia, Denmark and Norway

Awards / scholarships

Hegel and Axon bursary 2017

Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet 2017

Verkligheten Prize 2017

Grosses treffen competition 2017


2019 Daily Mail: Mystery Lady in Red spotted crawling outside houses of Parliament

2019 Metro, Mystery Woman in Red

2019 Left Lion, Nottingham

2018 Darling You Will Always Win Vasterbottens Kurien

2017 decorating dissidence

2017 Skytteanska priser delades ut in Västerbottens-Kuriren, sida 14

2017 Inga ludditer- - Kritikk 

2017 Med avsikter under ytan | Västerbottens-Kuriren

2017 Grosse Treffen

2014 IV: Body / Space - Not So Popular publication

2013 Pornography, Commercialism and Feminism by Jane Fayle for Kaltblut Magazine

2013 Let’s Start a Pussy Riot featured in book released by Rough Trade Records

2013 Studio Visit interview on Resonance FM radio station

2013 Creme De Co - JAWS Journal

2013 Arte TV (+7)

2013 Arte/Tracks/Kulture