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There is a want to be spit,

for turds to stay fluid,

for the universe not to take shape.


LET’S BE SPIT SPIT SPIT SPIT  (a leaky manifesto 2013)


 it niggles...little things erupt and then it flips to something else. It burns and its angry, it goes back on itself, it eats itself only to sick everything back up again. A ‘slice’ of time…of lived experience. It is all of those thing and a look to the future, . grappling with ‘what cannot be pronounced and what still takes the form of gibberish’ (Halberstem, 2012, pXXV)

Sometimes language itself fails us, leaves us blubbering and stuttering, unable to articulate our frustrations in conversation. That. Is. Me. Language itself with its ‘institutional collaborations and phallic lures’ (Ronell, 2004, p4)

Sometimes you have to scream to be heard;


This is what Heidegger says regarding Nietzsche in ‘What is Called Thinking?’ ‘Nietzsche the shiest and most quietist of men had to scream, instituting the famous inscribing/cry (…) - with which philosophy must evermore contend’ (…) Heidegger in Lecture V of Thinking has Nietzsche figured as a woman, even momentarily as a scolding mother (…) Feminisation occurs even to Friedrich Nietzsche when a thinker must get her thoughts across. (p3, Ronell, 2004)


And there was Nietzsche ‘performing femininity’ to be heard. Sitting at his typewriter with his beard and moustache and painted fingernails. Although I doubt Heidegger would be happy with that image. The desire to scream for Valerie Solanas in The Scum Manifesto, comes out of the ‘non place ‘ she occupies. She an un-representable speck of dirt on the extremist writer’s shoe but the speck of dirt A PARASITE, A PEST. A little tick that latches onto the skin and starts sucking blood.

 Leaky Vessels



‘The manifesto is a wonderful piece of shit. Do not expect me to square it off anymore with a palette knife. A turd is still a turd whether it’s a cuboid or not. Having said that I’d prefer my turds to stay fluid. And to SCREAM’



This discourse inscribes women as leaky vessels by isolating one element of the female body’s expressiveness- its production of fluids- as excessive, hence either disturbing or shameful. It also characteristically links this liquid expressiveness to excessive verbal fluency. (Paster, 1993, p25)



Listen now to Leaky Vessels Soundclound here:




 In fact, for academic men to be happy, the universe would have to take shape. All of philosophy has no other goal: it is a matter of giving a frock coat to what is, a mathematical frock coat. On the other hand, affirming that the universe resembles nothing and is only formless amounts to saying that the universe is something like a spider or spit." (Bataille, 1929, 1985, p31)


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